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Mortgage Love: 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is next week, and if you're struggling to come up with the perfect way to show your significant other how much you care, a mortgage might be the answer to your lovey-dovey prayers. Here are five outrageously romantic ways a mortgage can help you celebrate the holiday of love:

  1. Buy a home: Nothing says "I love you" like a down payment and a 30-year commitment. Whether you're looking for your first home or a new one to start the next chapter of your life, a mortgage can help you make it happen. Make your sweetheart swoon by buying a home together and starting a life of domestic bliss.

  2. Refinance your mortgage: If your current mortgage is getting you down, give it a boost by refinancing. Not only will you potentially lower your monthly payments and save money on interest, you'll also show your partner that you're willing to work together to improve your financial future.

  3. Pay off your mortgage: If you're close to being mortgage-free, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to make that final payment. Imagine the look of pure joy on your partner's face when you tell them you're now debt-free (well, except for all that Holiday credit card debt, but who's counting?).

  4. Take a mortgage vacation: If you've been slaving away at your mortgage for years, it's time to treat yourself to a mortgage vacation. By making extra payments on your mortgage, you can shorten the length of your loan and take a break from your monthly payments for a period of time. Nothing says "I love you" like a temporary respite from debt.

  5. Invest in home improvements: If your home is looking a little worse for wear, show your love by investing in some home improvements. Whether it's a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or a new deck, a mortgage can help you finance the improvements you need to make your home even more special (and increase the value of your home, which is always a plus).

So this Valentine's Day, let 14 Days To Close be your wingman and help you make it happen! From buying a home to refinancing, paying off your mortgage, taking a mortgage vacation, or investing in home improvements, we've got your back (and your wallet). Just don't forget to actually buy some flowers and chocolates too, because it's not really Valentine's Day without them.

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