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Get financing powered by the top award-winning originator nationwide.

At 14 Days To Close, we're more than a team of mortgage advisors; we're your fast-track to homeownership and real estate investments. Powered by the award-winning originator Jordan Vreeland, recognized among the Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America for 8 consecutive years, our expertise in swift mortgage processing sets us apart in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Our commitment to clear communication and personalized service ensures a smooth, expedited transition to achieving your real estate goals.

Jordan Vreeland

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Unveiling Home Financing Horizons Across Florida

Our specialized real estate and mortgage advising services span the vibrant and diverse real estate markets of Florida, tailoring solutions to the unique needs of both prospective homebuyers and current homeowners nationwide:



Explore the vibrant tapestry of Tampa's real estate landscape with a trusted partner by your side. From the historic bungalows of Seminole Heights to the waterfront luxury of Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa's neighborhoods offer diverse options for homebuyers and homeowners alike. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer yearning for the charm of Hyde Park or a seasoned homeowner considering refinancing in the heart of Ybor City, our mortgage solutions are finely tuned to the rhythms of this Gulf Coast gem. With a deep-rooted understanding of Tampa's unique neighborhoods and swift mortgage processing, we make your journey to new homeownership or refinancing an authentic and effortless experience.


Immerse yourself in the magnetic allure of Miami's dynamic housing market, where every neighborhood tells a different story. From the artistry of Wynwood to the elegance of Coral Gables, Miami's diverse neighborhoods offer a plethora of real estate possibilities. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer yearning for the energy of Brickell or a homeowner seeking to refinance in the tropical oasis of Coconut Grove, our tailored mortgage solutions ensure a seamless and swift transition. As we navigate the unique neighborhoods and cultures of Miami together, we'll turn your home financing goals into an authentic and vivid reality.


Step into the enchanting world of Orlando's real estate market, where each neighborhood holds its own enchantment. From the family-friendly suburbs of Lake Nona to the eclectic vibes of Thornton Park, Orlando offers a wide range of housing options. Whether you're embarking on your first homebuying journey in College Park or considering refinancing in the heart of Baldwin Park, our mortgage services are finely tuned to the city's distinctive neighborhoods. With a keen eye on Orlando's ever-evolving housing trends and swift mortgage processing, we'll ensure your transition to homeownership or refinancing is as enchanting and authentic as the city itself.


Embark on a simplified home financing voyage in Jacksonville, where the city's diverse neighborhoods offer something for everyone. From the historic charm of Riverside to the coastal beauty of Jacksonville Beach, each area boasts its own unique appeal. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer in the historic district of Springfield or an existing homeowner looking to refinance in the gated communities of Mandarin, our mortgage solutions are tailored to the geography and culture of Jacksonville. With an intimate understanding of the city's real estate dynamics and swift mortgage processing, we'll make your journey towards homeownership or refinancing in Jacksonville an authentic and hassle-free experience.

Experience the essence of Florida's diverse cities with our dedicated team. Contact us today to uncover the perfect home financing solution for your unique location and real estate aspirations.

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