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Meet Zach Farrell: Creating Lasting Connections In Real Estate

14 Days To Close is proud to introduce Zach Farrell as the newest addition to our team, ready to serve the vibrant Tampa Bay area. Zach has embraced his role in helping clients navigate the homebuying process, driven by the lasting opportunities in real estate and the joy of helping clients achieve their dream of homeownership.

What truly sets Zach apart is his unparalleled ability to connect with people on a deeper level. He thrives on building genuine relationships, a trait that's rare in the industry but one he values above all else. Besides his role as a home loan advisor, Zach is also an investor in cryptocurrency, enjoys playing pickleball, and staying active.

Outside of work, Zach actively supports causes such as the Alzheimer's Association and the Jewish National Fund. For those starting their homebuying journey in Tampa Bay, Zach Farrell brings a unique blend of experience, dedication, and community engagement, making him a reliable choice for navigating real estate financing.

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