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Meet Alexia Cruz: Tampa Bay's Newest Home Loan Advisor

In the dynamic world of real estate, finding the right home loan advisor can make all the difference. Alexia Cruz, hailing from Tampa, FL, is the latest addition to our team, serving the vibrant Tampa Bay area. With four years of experience in real estate, Alexia has dedicated herself to being an integral part of clients' home buying journeys, driven by the evergreen nature of real estate business and the joy of helping clients find their dream homes.

Alexia's approach sets her apart; her attention to detail and passion for building genuine connections stand out. Beyond her role as a home loan advisor, Alexia is a certified notary and an avid reader of real estate literature, constantly growing in her expertise.

Her commitment extends into the community, where she actively supports local farmers markets, private schools, and religious groups. This deep community engagement enhances her ability to serve her clients better, understanding their needs and aspirations deeply rooted in the local context.

For those embarking on the home buying journey in Tampa Bay, Alexia Cruz represents a blend of expertise, dedication, and community focus, making her a standout choice for navigating the complexities of real estate financing.

Watch her introductory video here.


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